Soup to Nuts: An Eccentric History of Food


SOUP TO NUTS: An Eccentric History of Food
with Rebecca Rupp
Tuesday, April 30, 7:00 pm

The history of what and how we eat encompasses everything from the prehistoric mammoth luau to the medieval banquet to the modern three squares a day. Find out about the rocky evolution of table manners, the not-so-welcome invention of the fork, the awful advent of portable soup, and the surprising benefits of family dinners – plus some catchy info on seasonal foods. What’s the story of chocolate? Why do the Irish eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day? Who invented lemonade? Why are turkeys called turkeys? And what are sugarplums anyway? Rebecca Rupp is the author of nearly 20 books for both children and adults, and blogs on food science and history for National Geographic.

This is a Vermont Humanities Council event hosted by Richmond Free Library, 201 Bridge St.,  Richmond, VT (802) 434-3036,

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