Library Security Camera Footage


Hey Kids.
          We miss seeing you at the library! We really like it when you’re around and we get to read to you and sing songs together.  Hopefully your grown-ups are reading your favorite books and singing “One Little Blue Fish” with you, and getting out the stamp pad every day.  We’re still here in the library using the opportunity of these quiet days to go through all the shelves looking for books that have strayed from their proper home or are in need of replacement, making repairs, cleaning the shelves and toys, and reviewing and purchasing new books that await your return.
           You remember Gorilla, right? (Our big, furry pal who sits on the high shelf above the youth desk.) Well, like us you probably thought he sat there day and night unless we brought him down for a visit.  Turns out we were quite wrong.  Take a look at what the library security cameras recently captured.  It looks like someone has been very busy indeed. (Hey, hands off that expensive piano!)

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