The Wonderful World of Bats: Monday, July 19 at 1:00 pm.

Jerry Schneider, a former teacher and children’s librarian, has been bringing his program, The Wonderful  World of Bats to audiences since 2003. This kid-friendly program features amazing  photos and taped echolocation calls of bats, and will move beyond stereotypes to explain the vital roles of bats in our environment. It answers the questions; how loud is echolocation?, and why can’t we hear bats when they are echolocating? The program introduces children to local and tropical bats, the Vampire bat, and many more of our only flying mammals. Program participants will also have the opportunity to create a unique tee shirt to take home. Children 5 and up will appreciate this library program and are encouraged to register by calling or emailing so that enough supplies are on hand. (434-3036/

This program is made possible through funding from the Friends of the Richmond Free Library.  You can support the efforts of this group by donating to and purchasing books at the Friend’s book sale coming up October 22 and 23. Watch for details.

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