The sites below might be of use to you as you search for you next great read. Some of them make suggestions based your past favorites; others direct you based on your current mood or style preferences; while others put award lists or other recommended or new title lists in front of you. So what’s next?
Bookseer: Just finished a book you loved and you’re not sure what to read next? Put in the book you just finished and it will give suggestions on what to read next.

WhatShouldIReadNext: Enter a book or author you like and this website will search its database for other possible favorites!

Whichbook: A completely new way of choosing what to read. Not genre based, give it a try.

Reading the Past: Previews of upcoming Historical Fiction and reviews.

The Gumshoe Site: Covering Mystery Fiction and the authors who write it.

All About Romance: Online since October of 1996 this resource is an excellence source of information on new and old in Romance Fiction.

SFBook: Science Fiction book resource for news and reviews.

Overbooked: A web site for ravenous readers. Overbooked specializes in providing timely information about literary & genre fiction as well as readable nonfiction.

Genrefluent: By the author of the book “Genreflecting.” A classic annual publication covering fiction in many genres.

EarlyWord: Used by librarians to see what’s coming next. Contains some bestseller lists.