What is a Playaway?

Playaways are portable, preloaded audiobook devices for both adults and children. We have 120+ youth Playaways. We think you will agree they are the easiest way for children to enjoy a book on the go or whenever they need a little time to themselves with a good story. Children as young as five can manage the few, easy buttons. The Library also has many bestselling adult books on Playaways. The devices are small and simple and work great with headphones, earbuds or through your car speakers. Reserve one through your library account or contact us at 434-3036 / rfl@gmavt.net to request one or to get more information. If you don’t yet have a library card, we can help with that too!

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Holiday Picture Books are available

We have many new and classic holiday picture books ready for circulation this December. We also have three new Storytime Bags ready to go for the holiday season (Christmas, Holiday Mix and Winter). Ask for your favorite Christmas or Hanukkah book, or ask us to pick out a few for you. Put items on hold through your library account or call or email us with your requests and make reading with your little person a part of your happy holidays.

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Read Listen Watch

The Library has books (fiction, non-fiction, thrillers, mysteries, romance and more) , magazines, DVDs for all ages, books on Playaway (MP3 audiobook device), audiobooks on CD, picture books, board books, chapter books, picture books, etc. You can place materials from the library on hold using your patron account via rfl.kohavt.org, or email us, or call us, or contact us via this form: Request Form

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Moisture Meter for Testing Firewood Available

You can now check out a moisture meter from the Richmond Library. The meter was provided to the library for free thanks to a new program from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Air Quality & Climate Division and the Vermont Department of Libraries.

Borrowers can use the small hand-held meter to test firewood at home to make sure it is dry enough to burn safely and efficiently. Burning firewood that has not been dried properly makes it more expensive to heat a home and causes poor air quality.

“Making sure that your firewood is sufficiently dry protects you and your family’s health and cuts down on the amount of money you’ll spend on firewood. Checking the moisture content in your wood is an important step in making sure firewood is cut, stored and aged properly. Seasoned wood burns hotter and reduces fuel consumption,” said Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Peter Walke.

It is recommended to only burn wood with a moisture content of 20 percent or less. If moisture levels are higher than 20 percent, firewood does not burn as efficiently, which produces more smoke and harmful emissions. Poor air quality from wood smoke increases people’s exposure to fine particulate matter and several toxic air pollutants that may trigger adverse cardiac and respiratory effects.  

For more information about this program, including a video of how to use the moisture meter, visit https://dec.vermont.gov/wood-burning. Learn more about the best wood-burning practices at the EPA Burn Wise website https://www.epa.gov/burnwise or the AQCD Wood Burning information page at https://dec.vermont.gov/document-categories/air-quality-and-climate-division-wood-burning.

Contact the library at 434-3036 or rfl@gmavt.net to borrow the moisture meter. This item has a loan period of 7 days.

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