How to Get Your Hands on an Actual Library Book

We are very pleased to once again be able to offer library patrons access to the physical collection.  This includes books, audiobooks, magazines, and DVDs.  We cannot allow visitors beyond the outer foyer but you will find that this space has been adapted to serve as a safe and convenient place to pick up your item requests.  Book bins in the foyer have been labeled alphabetically.  Requested items will be bagged, labeled and placed in the bins according to patron’s last name. The door will be left open so visitors need not touch anything except their own bag.  Please be mindful of others and wait your turn to enter the space if there is already someone there.

There are three ways to request materials:

  1. Place a hold on whatever you like through your library account at  You will need your library barcode number to log in to your account.  Your password is your own last name (capital first letter).
  2. Call us at 434-3036.  Leave a message if it is after hours.
  3. Email us at

Pick up times are as follows:
Mon, Wed & Fri: 12 – 4 pm
Tues: 10 – 2 pm
Sat & Sun: 12 – 2 pm

* All items can be returned to the outdoor book return bin anytime.

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Storytime in a Bag To Go!

Storytime Bag 2

We sure miss our Storytimes with the kids,  but know that all you fine parents have it covered. Home Storytime!  The good news is that we just made it a little easier for you to enjoy a themed storytime in the convenience and safety of your own home.  We have put together five Storytime Bags for you and your child to check out and enjoy.  Each Storytime Bag features a different theme and contains, books, songs, rhymes and a craft/activity to do with your child.  Current themes include: Pets; Plants, Flowers & Gardens; Counting; Cars, Trucks & Things that Go and Outdoors & Camping. We’re pretty sure your child is going to love this idea, so give it a try.  Request one of the bags today.

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Children and Youth Book Bundles Available at the Library

Want to keep your kids in good books but don’t know what to ask for or perhaps don’t have time to search the library catalog to request specific titles? No problem.  We’ll pick out some titles for you, check them out to you, and have them ready and waiting in the outer foyer of the library for pick up. When you are finished with the books they can be returned to the outdoor book drop and you can request your next bundle. Options include but are not limited to:
1. The Picture Book Bundle – Five picture books selected just for your little person
2. The Early Reader Bundle – Five beginning readers selected for your new reader
3. Family Read-a-Loud Bundle – Two titles selected for family enjoyment
4. Grade 3 – 5 Fiction Book Bundle – Two J novels selected
5. Grade 6 – 8 Fiction Book Bundle – Two J/YA novels selected
6. Custom Bundle – Looking for a specific genre or subject, or need a larger/smaller bundle, just let us know.
To request a Book Bundle, email the library at or call 434-3036.  We’ll let you know when your books are ready for pick up. A library card in good standing is required.  If you don’t have an active card we can help with that too.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Pic shelf 2
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Storybook Egg Hunt! May 23 – May 31

The Storybook Egg Hunt is back on! Although we needed to postpone the  Hunt in April to ensure everyone’s safety and abide by Gov. Scott’s restrictions on outdoor recreation, he lifted those restrictions two weeks ago and is encouraging everyone to get some fresh air outdoors while being smart and safe. With that in mind, and as a sign of our beautiful VT spring, we are excited to finally put out the storybook eggs that Radiate Art Space & the Richmond Free Library collaboratively worked on well before the outbreak! Similar to last year, 30 large paper mache eggs will be hidden between the walkable area from the Round Church to the Richmond Elementary School / Camels Hump MS, including the river walking trail on Volunteers Green. The egg hunt will take place over the course of a week — Saturday, May 23rd through Sunday, May 31st. Each egg has a picture with a different storybook character. When you find an egg, you simply identify the character and check it off a checklist.

To keep with the State’s recommendations to make this safe, we require your help in maintaining the social distancing that Governor Scott still has in place. While the egg hunt takes place outside, happens over the course of a full week, and does not require ANY touching of the eggs (or exchange of items between people), it is up to you to make the social distancing work. Obviously, anyone who suspects they have been exposed to COVID should not take part. Also, we ask that you do not all rush out on the first Saturday to find the eggs — they will be there all week, so take your time and pick various times of the day to attempt your search. Also, do not approach an egg if you see others gathered around it – wait until they have moved on for several minutes before you continue your search. Please use the 6-foot rule as a minimum distance guideline. We recommend wearing a mask if you see others on the hunt as well. You will not need to touch the eggs — the story characters will be visible from a distance. You can download our checklist to take with you, or submit a form online for a chance at a gift card ( If it appears that people are not following the rules and putting others at risk, we will sadly have to end the egg hunt immediately for the safety of everyone. For those of you who might miss out because you are self-quarantining indoors, or have concerns about taking part, Radiate will be posting pictures of all the eggs on their website + Instagram, Facebook after June 1st, so that you can see them, too!

Final notes!! Please do not go in construction zones — all eggs will be placed on the west side of Bridge Street away from the section they are working on. Also, last year there was some confusion about the eggs. There is no candy/surprises/etc. inside the eggs – so do not touch them and don’t try to break them open! The fun is in the search itself. Happy hunting!

Find all the details here:

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Library Art Show – See it Here!

Here are some images of the marvelous art that is currently hanging in the library with no eyes upon it. Women Speak: Resistance Art–created in response to recent political and cultural events and concerns–was installed in our downstairs gallery space prior to our necessary closure. You can learn more about the artists, Meta Strick, India Tresselt and Sarah Rosedahl, in another post below.  Perhaps on a sunny day in the future you will be able to see their work in person. For now… enjoy this sampling.

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Free ebooks for kids!

TBL Logo

The library now has a TumbleBook Library subscription. TumbleBooks, a world leader in online children’s book databases, has made its family of online libraries available for free to public libraries until at least August 31. Thanks TumbleBook!

Its flagship product, TumbleBook Library is a collection of animated talking picture books, read-alongs, ebooks, quizzes, lesson plans, and educational games. You will find a link to these animated picture books as well as links to math picture books and books for teens on our YOUTH SERVICES page.

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New Adult Titles

Here are a few of our new books now available for check-out and pick-up….

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